If your teeth have lost their aesthetic appeal due to accidents or gradual degradation, you should think about having veneers applied at a cosmetic dentistry office. Veneers are thin, shell-like layers of porcelain or composite, and they are placed over teeth to improve the appearance of the teeth. The veneer will conceal the damage by fitting over the damaged tooth. As a result, the tooth-coloured shell will improve the colour and shape of the natural teeth.

For instance, if you have a discoloured tooth, your cosmetic dentist will choose and apply a veneer which complements the other teeth. In the same manner, the dental veneers will improve chipped, cracked and poorly shaped teeth. These products are quite long-lasting and will keep your teeth looking good. However, poor practices can lead to premature damage. Here are essential tips for protecting your dental veneers.

Choose Soft Bristles

Regular brushing is crucial for the protection of the cosmetic veers and for the health of your oral cavity. Unfortunately, the wrong choice of toothbrush can cause significant damage. In simple terms, dental veneers are polished and shined to give them an appealing appearance that looks like that of natural teeth. If you choose a toothbrush with hard bristles, the shine will be worn away over time. Once the polished surface is eroded, the veneer will look dull and unnatural. Therefore, you should always choose a soft toothbrush for oral cleansing. In addition, inquire about the best toothpaste from your dental specialist.

Prevent Discolouration

You should minimise your consumption of staining foods if you would like to keep your teeth looking good. In general, most dental veneers are prone to staining because the surfaces are not highly absorbent. However, natural teeth tend to absorb the colours of common staining products like coffee, soy sauce, spices and berries. If you consume these foods continuously, your natural teeth will change colour. Consequently, your veneers will look unnatural. If this happens, you should plan for in-office cleaning. You should keep in mind that veneers are not invulnerable to stains. For instance, smoking will cause significant veneer discolouration and loss of appeal.

Use a Night Guard

Dental veneers are resilient, but these products are quite vulnerable to damage. In simple terms, you should keep in mind that the product is a light shell. If a lot of pressure is applied to the veneer, there will be significant degradation. Therefore, you should plan on using a night guard or retainer when sleeping. This is crucial if you experience bruxism or teeth grinding. In addition, limit your consumption of hard edibles.