Even if you're a pro at maintaining your dental hygiene routine at home, you'll still need certain dental services. One of those services is dental cleaning. Dental cleaning is usually performed by a qualified hygienist or a dentist themselves. Before you book in for one, it may help to understand their importance and what they involve.

Why They're Important 

Routine brushing and flossing of your teeth are always worth your efforts. However, you may not prevent plaque and stains from building up. To stop that from happening, or to remove them, you'll need dental cleaning services. Depending on your dentist's opinion, they may decide to perform one each time you attend a checkup every few months. Removing plaque is key to protecting your short and long-term dental health. The less plaque you have, the less likely you are to develop infections.

How Dental Cleaning Works

Your dentist or hygienist will use a series of small handheld tools to assess and clean your teeth. Those tools include the small mirrors you may usually see in your dentist's office. Using those mirrors and their expertise, they can assess where plaque is present. Sometimes this includes areas you can't see, such as the back of your teeth. They'll then use ultrasonic equipment to gently move plaque buildup that your usual brushing efforts won't reach. Sometimes they'll also use fine water mist to move away debris that arises from the process. Afterward, your teeth should feel smooth.

Staying Comfortable Throughout

Dental cleaning isn't usually a painful process. You might experience some strange sensations, such as pressure, but most patients don't find that they're uncomfortable. However, it's still important to communicate with your dentist about sensitivity. If you have sensitive teeth, they may be able to adjust their approach to accommodate your dental profile. Or, if they become sensitive during the cleaning, they can investigate why. In some cases, they may recommend using sensitive teeth toothpaste so that you can reduce the likelihood of experiencing sensitivity at home. 

Other Dental Services to Consider

Although your teeth will feel smoother and may look shinier after your cleaning, the aim of the procedure isn't to whiten them. As such, if you're aiming for an overall dazzling smile, you might want to speak with your dentist about professional whitening. They can assess your suitability and make sure your teeth are in a good state of health before creating your whitening products. Alongside cleaning, whitening is a great way to achieve a dazzling smile.

Speak to your dentist to learn more about available dental services