Braces are sometimes necessary to align crooked teeth, correct a misaligned bite or modify the amount of space between teeth, but many patients dislike the idea of wearing them. However, that dislike often partly stems from the fact that people aren't aware of more modern orthodontic options, such as self-ligating braces.

As with traditional braces, self-ligating braces fit small brackets to your teeth which are connected to a thin wire. That wire is used to apply force, which is what moves your teeth into the correct position. While traditional braces use elastic ties to hold aligning wires in place, self-ligating braces use a built-in system.  

This might seem like a small difference, but it can make a real impact. Here are just four reasons you should consider self-ligating braces.

1. More Convenient  

Traditional braces and self-ligating braces both require periodic adjustments. However, this is much less time-consuming when you opt for self-ligating braces. While the individual elastic ties used with traditional braces must each be replaced during each visit, self-ligating brackets are merely adjusted, which takes far less time. Additionally, many patients require fewer visits when they opt for self-ligating braces. This makes them far more convenient for those who lead busy lives or who live far from their orthodontist.

2. Easier to Keep Clean

One perennial problem with braces is that they can be hard to keep clean, and this can have a negative impact on your oral health. However, things are a little easier with self-ligating braces. Since they have fewer parts than traditional braces, there are fewer areas for food particles to get trapped and plaque to build up. The absence of elastic ties also helps make self-ligating braces easier to keep clean.

3. Added Comfort

Since braces must apply pressure to your teeth in order to work, there's almost always going to be some level of discomfort. However, self-ligating braces tend to be more comfortable than traditional options since the brackets usually benefit from a lower profile than traditional ones. Additionally, there are no ties to get in the way.

4. More Discreet

One of the main reasons patients dislike the idea of wearing braces is that they tend to be quite conspicuous. However, self-ligating braces are slightly less noticeable since the traditional elastic ties, which are typically coloured, are not used. You can also opt for clear self-ligating brackets that will blend in with your teeth and leave only the wire visible.