You only have to pick up a magazine and flick through the pages to see a model beaming at you with that "Hollywood smile." Turn on the television and you see the same thing, be the other person a news anchor or soap star. It's little wonder that many people, especially if they're younger, are so self-conscious about the colour of their teeth. They compare themselves on a daily basis and feel that they are inadequate. Do home-based whitening systems work, or would it be better to go and see a cosmetic dentist instead? How can they help you?

What's the Advantage of Seeing a Dentist?

If you're concerned about wearing any white clothing for fear that it will show up the shade of your teeth, it's time to get something done now. The good news is that the dentist can help to whiten your teeth in a lot less time, using a process known as power bleaching. It can usually make a difference in every case, even where teeth are severely stained.

The dentist will have access to a peroxide mix made in high concentrations. This special type of solution is typically not available in the product that you might buy in a high-street store and it's best if it's only applied by a professional.

How Is It Done?

The dentist will prepare your mouth by first of all isolating the lips and gums so that they don't get any irritation from the solution when it is placed directly onto your teeth. They will do this by applying some silicon-based material to act as a barrier, or adding a specially designed rubber dam. Once this is done, the peroxide is put into trays that are designed to fit your mouth precisely and which are laid on top of each set of teeth.

A lot of care is taken by the professional to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide solution is just right and is not too acidic, as this could damage the enamel otherwise. Once the solution is in place, a special tool shines a light on to its surface, helping to move the process forward.

How Long Will It Take?

Bear in mind that you may have to make a number of visits to the dentist, depending on the condition that your teeth are in when you first arrive. Nevertheless, it's certainly feasible to get a significant improvement and several shades lighter during that first sitting.

Taking Action

There is no need for you to wait another day and depress yourself while you look at all those sparkly teeth online. Schedule a visit to meet with your cosmetic dentist now, to fast track your results.