Children lose their baby teeth. This is what is supposed to happen. This process happens naturally, although the precise age when it occurs can vary to a certain degree. A shocking, increasingly common issue is when a child's baby teeth degrade to the point that they fall out. These baby teeth are rotten, sometimes coming out of their own accord (well ahead of schedule), and sometimes requiring dental intervention (especially when the degradation is coupled with an abscess or inflammation). This sounds like something that might happen in the developing world, but it's in fact happening right here in Australia to an alarming degree. It's not just an Australian problem either, and other parts of the world such as the UK are experiencing a similar wave of extreme tooth decay in baby teeth. Are your children at risk of losing their baby teeth early?

Free of Obstructions

To lose teeth at any age can be a significant issue. When it happens in adults, whether due to an accident or periodontal disease, at least a solution can be found. This might be a dental implant, a dental bridge or a partial denture. However, these solutions are not viable in children. Even if the baby tooth has been lost early, the adult tooth will still form beneath it and begin to protrude from the gum. These adult teeth might not even be in the same alignment as the baby teeth that preceded them. This means that the gums need to remain free of any obstruction in order to accommodate the incoming adult teeth.

The Sugar Problem

Unsurprisingly, sugar plays a major role in tooth decay, whether it's in adult or baby teeth. You probably limit your children's intake when it comes the usual suspects such as lollies, desserts and sugary drinks. However, there are a few hidden sources of sugar that also need to be kept to a minimum. Think of items such as cereal bars, some types of cereals, salad dressing, dried fruit and some types of condiments (no, the tomatoes in tomato sauce are not naturally that sweet). It's really just a case of double checking the nutritional information on food products to ensure that you're not inadvertently adding unnecessary sugar to your family's diet.

Dental Care

And of course, regular dental checkups are essential for your children. Family dental services play an important role, so don't hesitate to take your child to the dentist ahead of schedule if you are in the slightest bit concerned. A baby tooth can be saved in the same manner as an adult tooth if the situation is identified and addressed as soon as possible.

Rotting baby teeth is a shocking thing to happen, but you can ensure that this unpleasantness doesn't affect your kids.