When you speak, the first thing someone will notice are the teeth in your mouth.  Improper teeth alignment, discoloured teeth, broken teeth, space between your teeth, and missing teeth are just some of the many dental problems that can wipe away your smile. This goes hand in hand with lowering your self-esteem. 

First impression matters a lot, and it goes without saying that it's imperative for you to have a beautiful smile with perfect teeth dentation. A lot of people have dental appearance problems existing from birth or developed with age. But thanks to the practice of cosmetic dentistry, there are effective solutions for these problems.

Below are some dental treatments that are included in cosmetic dentistry:

  • Implant-retained dentures. What happens when you fall down or get knocked in the mouth and end up losing your natural teeth? You will definitely feel demoralised when you look in the mirror only see unsightly gaps in your mouth. A smile full of gaps may prompt people to view you as unhealthy, or think you are older than you actually are. Dental implants are artificial root canals inserted into the jawbone to act as a strong, stable base onto which replacement teeth (dentures) will be fitted. Implant dentures remain firmly affixed to the patient's jaws, thus restoring their smile and confidence.
  • Tooth bonding. This dental procedure derives its name from the fact that a resin material that matches the colour of natural teeth is used to fix decaying, discoloured, chipped or fractured teeth. Bonding enhances the appearance of the teeth. It can be used to seal teeth gaps, and change the shape and size of teeth. Tooth bonding treatment depends on the specific dental issues that the patient is facing.
  • Teeth whitening/bleaching. This involves changing or enhancing the colour shade of teeth to make them look whiter and brighter. It is the perfect solution for people with discoloured or stained teeth, but even those who simply want to brighten their teeth can have it performed. It is also known as teeth bleaching because a bleaching agent is normally used to brighten the teeth. Teeth whitening can be done at the dental office by a dentist, or at home by patients following the instructions of their dentist.

There's absolutely no reason for you to feel depressed because of your teeth appearance. If you have any of the above teeth problems, you should rush to a qualified cosmetic dentist for early treatment.