If you have suffered tooth decay, trauma or any form of dental injury that caused you to lose one, several or all of your teeth, it may be time to consider getting fake teeth, or dentures. Dentures are great dental restorations that replace lost teeth and help individuals restore their beautiful smile and self-confidence. However, many misconceptions have been floating around about dentures, and if you have heard them, you may be reluctant about getting them. This article will address and debunk some of these misconceptions so that you can feel confident about using these amazing restorations.

Dentures are for the elderly

When most people think about dentures, a mental image of an old man or lady adjusting or removing some fake, weird-looking teeth is conjured up in their minds. However, dentures are not restorations for the elderly only. They can be used by any individual of any age without anyone noticing that one has them. If you have lost one or a few teeth, you can have partial dentures which match the rest of your teeth. The only reason why dentures are associated with the elderly is that as people get older, they may end up losing most, if not all, of their teeth.

Dentures are uncomfortable

It is normal for people to assume that dentures are uncomfortable because they are artificial placements in the mouth—it's like you has to keep on adjusting them every minute. However, advancements in the field of dentistry have made it possible for orthodontists to design dentures that perfectly fit your mouth. You hardly even notice that they are there. The only time you'll have to remove them is when cleaning them and as you go to bed. They are very comfortable and easy to use as long as you have the right fit.

Dentures are unstable in the mouth

Individuals who have suffered severe bone loss may have concerns about getting dentures. This is because it is the bone structure that will support them and enhance their stability. While this used to be a concern decades ago, it no longer is in today's world. If you have suffered bone loss due to gum disease or early tooth loss, your dentist can use implant-supported dentures. Permanent implants are placed to provide stability to the dentures. This solution is available for individuals who need both full and partial dentures.

Contrary to the myths, dentures provide a suitable and lasting solution for teeth loss. They can be designed to match your smile, and they can even be designed to meet your personal preferences. Contact your dentist so that they can help you in determining the best denture treatment based on the lost teeth and the nature of your oral bone structure.