When you lose teeth, you lose much more than just your ability to smile and eat comfortably. In fact, unless you replace lost teeth within a few months, your appearance could change drastically. And the changes that occur will be far worse than just gaps in your smile. The facial changes that occur because of lost teeth could leave you looking much older than you really are.

Tooth Loss Kick Starts Bone Loss

Within a few months of losing just one tooth, your body will begin to absorb the bone where the tooth used to be. Since your body no longer needs the bone to support the root of the lost tooth, it begins to break down that bone. This isn't a destructive measure. This is more a process of conservation because your body wants to put that bone to use elsewhere in your body.

If you lose two or more teeth in a short space of time in the same area, the bone loss will be much worse. But what is so bad about losing a little bone inside your mouth? The bone loss won't be visible to anyone looking at you from the outside, will it? Actually, the bone loss will have a huge impact on the way you look.

Your Teeth and Bones Support Your Facial Muscles

Did you know that your teeth, as well as the bone they are embedded in, support the muscles of your face? This means that when you are younger and have a full and healthy set of teeth, your cheeks are fuller, as are your lips. As a result, you look young and have a more pleasing smile. However, when you lose teeth and bone, your facial muscles no longer have their support.

Subsequently, within a few months of losing teeth, your face in the area of the bone loss will begin to sag. This sagging will make you look older and could even lead to facial asymmetry. Fortunately, with the use of dental implants, you can arrest the advance of bone loss.

Dental Implants Stop Bone Loss in Its Tracks

If you have lost teeth, and you wish to preserve your youthful features, talk to your dentist about getting dental implants as soon as you can. If you act now, before you lose any more bone, you can get your dental implants before your appearance begins to suffer. Dental implants not only stop bone loss, but they also stimulate bone growth wherever your dentist places them.