The professional term given to dentists who treat children is paediatric dentists. They differ from general dentists in that they have a child-friendly dental clinic and age-specific knowledge, which are essential to offering the best treatment for your child. Here's everything you need to know about your child's dental hygiene and how a paediatric dentist can be of assistance:

Where to Start

It is not uncommon for most new parents to be concerned about their child's dental hygiene and when they should take their child for the first dental appointment.

As soon as your baby's first teeth start to come out, usually between ages six to 12 months, start planning your first dental visit. Look for a paediatric dental clinic in your locality and give them a call. You are guided on what to do and how to make an appointment.

What Can You Expect from The Dentist?

  • Teeth Examination

The paediatric dentist mainly examines your child's teeth to ensure that they are growing correctly. It is important to rule out any underlying conditions and guarantee your child's teeth develop healthily throughout their life.

  • Oral Hygiene Advice

The dentist also imparts knowledge to you concerning how to properly maintain good oral hygiene. Since you are the child's parent, you are responsible for guiding them on proper oral hygiene measures. This way, your child acquires these skills at an early age and continues to carry them out as they grow.

  • Dental Visit Schedule

The paediatric dentist also prepares a dental visit schedule for teeth monitoring purposes. This is important in catching dental conditions and treating them early; the earlier they are caught, the better.

What Kind of Dental Treatments Can You Expect for Your Child?

Three common dental treatments for kids include:

  • Braces – This is done to treat misaligned or crooked teeth, which occur as a result of genes or bad habits (thumb sucking or the use of a bottle for too long). The latter is preventable if you start your dental visits early; your paediatric dentist will warn you about the bad habits.
  • Tooth Extraction – Your child gets to a particular age where their primary/milk teeth start falling off to give room for permanent teeth; a paediatric dentist can help with the tooth extraction.
  • Filling – this is done after your tooth decays and forms a hole. Like bad oral habits, tooth decay is avoidable. You only need to ensure that good oral hygiene is maintained.

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