Cosmetic treatments are becoming more popular because of their restorative benefits. Today, cosmetic dentistry is an ever-evolving discipline, thanks to advanced technology that has made it more affordable and accessible.

Modern cosmetic dentistry can correct most tooth defects as dentists try to preserve as much of the natural tooth structure as they can. Most dentists now welcome digital technologies like 3D printing and computerised smile analysis to deliver better results and reduce recovery time. Some of the cosmetic dentistry trends to look out for include the following.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has endured popularity as one of the most requested cosmetic treatments. 60% of Australians believe that a nice smile boosts one's confidence, which explains the pursuit of brighter smiles in dental chairs across the country. The popularity of selfies on social media platforms has also added to the demand for teeth whitening treatments.

While super-white teeth are often the goal of teeth whitening, more people are asking for a natural finish. There is a move from heavily treated teeth to more natural results. Your dentist can recommend less frequent treatments or use whitening solutions for shorter durations.  

Porcelain veneers

Dental veneers are top cosmetic dentistry treatments that can improve your smile. Veneers are thin, tailor-made shells that adhere to the teeth to improve their appearance. You can consider the treatment if you have discoloured, misshapen, chipped, or crooked teeth.

While veneers are not new treatments, there are significant advancements in how they are applied. Porcelain veneers are coveted because they have a natural-looking appeal and are long-lasting. Thanks to modern technology, your dentist will custom-make the porcelain veneer to enhance your natural smile.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are an alternative to the metal of traditional braces. If you have minor spacing issues, you can ask your dentist if the aligners are suitable cosmetic dentistry treatments for you.

Clear aligners are custom-made from an acrylic material or clear plastic. Your dentist will fit them tightly over your teeth, and you will get a new set every few weeks. The aligners are removable during brushing and flossing and are more comfortable than traditional braces.

Gum Contouring

Gum reshaping is a top cosmetic dentistry trend among people interested in changing the shape of their gums. If you have a 'gummy' smile that shows all your gums and teeth, a dentist can cut away the excess gum tissue.

Gum contouring is also used to address gum recession caused by gum disease, rough toothbrushing, or genetics. Your dentist will shape a more even gum line and improve the look of your smile.