Many people only start to think about dental crowns when they are experiencing a toothache. However, there are several other times when dental crowns can be incredibly beneficial. This blog post will discuss three non-emergency occasions you should consider getting a dental crown. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!

1. When you are getting ready for your wedding and want to achieve the perfect smile

If you are getting married, you want everything to be perfect. This includes your smile. Dental crowns can give you a perfect smile for your big day. A crown is a fantastic way to cover up any imperfections in your teeth, such as stains, chips, or cracks. This treatment is also used to protect weak or damaged teeth from further decay. In addition, crowns can improve the appearance of your teeth by making them look straighter and more uniform. As a result, if you're searching for a way to perfect your smile for your wedding day, a dental crown may be the right option for you.

2. When you are pregnant and experience morning sickness that is damaging your teeth

Morning sickness can be a symptom of pregnancy. Unfortunately, the stomach acid that is brought up during morning sickness can be very damaging to teeth. Over time, this acid will wear away at the enamel, leading to tooth sensitivity and cavities. In extreme cases, the damage could be so extensive that the tooth requires a root canal or even extractions. A dental crown helps to protect a damaged tooth from further decay. The crown encases the entire tooth, creating a barrier between the stomach acid and the enamel. As a result, a dental crown can be an essential tool in preserving the health of your teeth during pregnancy.

3. When you have had braces for several years and want to get your final retainer

A dental crown is a great idea when you've had braces for several years and want to get your final retainer. The crown will help to keep your teeth in alignment, and it will also protect your gums from irritation. Additionally, the crown will help ensure that your retainer fits properly. Therefore, a dental crown can be an essential part of getting your final retainer.

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